Decorating The Living Room

by Jaclyn Abergas | October 26th, 2010 | Home Shopping

The next part of home decorating: deciding on the next room to decorate. In this article, we’re moving on to the living room.

The living room should be given a lot of attention. This is, after all, the space where people hang out when they’re at home and where they entertain guests. It must be renovated according to taste and preference.

Here are some ideas to help in redecorating the living room.

Throw out unwanted items.

This is the perfect opportunity to throw out or sell any unwanted item in the living room. Overused couch? Get rid of it. Scratched up coffee table? Throw it away. Broken figurines? Throw them away, please! Or better yet, gather everything that’s still in relatively good condition and organize a garage sale. One person’s junk is another one’s treasure. Use earnings to buy new furniture or decor for the new living room.

Figure out a color scheme and traffic flow.

How do people in the house use the living room? To read? Watch TV? Quality time? Figure out how the living room is utilized and use that to compose the new living room set-up. Should the couch be in the middle or the corner? Is there a TV, a reading corner?

Figure out a color scheme. Light or dark? Blue, red, green, yellow, orange? These things are important because everything in the room has to be unified. It doesn’t have to have the same shade or tone of color but it has to be in the same line and theme. Otherwise, it’ll seem too cluttered and not be a comfortable room to hang out.

Don’t forget the windows.

Sometimes, people forget that windows are there to keep us in or let us out. Remain hidden from the outside but not oblivious to the outside with blinds. Have soft or dramatic hues with curtains. Curtains are great because they can be changed regularly.

Decorate with accents.

To break a monotone decor, add a little accent to the living room, like a multi-colored shrug draped over the couch, a cute design on a lampshade on a wooden table, or maybe a make-shift side table using a stack of old coffee table books.

Patterns and textures.

Don’t just stick to monotone items. Experiment with patterns and textures, like a furry rug or fun, quirky photo frames.

When buying items for the new living room, make sure to write a list and stick to it. It’s easy to stray from that list when shopping. Just always remember the end result. Good luck!

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