Decorating Your Dining Room

by Jaclyn Abergas | September 28th, 2010 | Home Shopping

Are you thinking of redecorating your home? It’s going to be very overwhelming especially if you have a large home. My suggestion: do it room by room. Let’s start with the dining room:

Start by getting rid of all the clutter. It’s best to start fresh with nothing to distract you. Keep everything related. If it’s not related to the room’s purpose, take it out.

Choose an appropriate color and stick to it. It’s best to stick to colors that invite you to eat, so red, orange and yellow are the most popular choices. Paint wall using these colors. Use curtains of these colors to decorate the dining room. Choose furniture that go well with these colors. Use table settings that match accordingly with the color scheme.

Accessories- Use interesting and unique tablecloths to dress up your dining table and other tables in the room. If you have a color theme, make sure it matches the theme. Reupholster your seat cushions.

Fabric- Change the fabric of your dining chairs. Buy fabrics that you like and staple gun it on the seats or add slipcovers to your chairs.

If you want to give your dining room a fun and quirky look, mix and match the dining chairs and table. Use wood for table and modern looks for your chairs or just simply purchase chairs in different colors. Or use different chairs. Use wood, small chairs, big chairs, cushioned ones or wicker chairs.

Add framed photos of food on the walls. Let the light in. Use light or bright curtain or keep it blank and let all the natural light enter the room. Add a shelf and display your collection of dinnerware. Add flowers and other plants to create a more relaxed feel. Consider putting in a bench that can be used as part of the dining set. Add pillows for a more relaxed way to eat.

Move rooms. Sometimes the traditional dining room is not the room you have in mind. Don’t be afraid to move it around. You can even have your dining room by the fireplace if you want.

Once you have a definite plan, you’ll definitely know what you need to shop for.

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