Designer Clothes for Kids

by Anna P. | September 13th, 2011 | Fashion

Most young children love to copy their parent’s every move. Remember when you were a little girl, and you loved to wear your mother’s clothes and walk in her shoes? These days children don’t have to wear their parents clothes to look cool. Many of our favorite designers are now creating clothes and accessories specifically for the pint-sized set; moreover, there are also many more emerging designers who are changing the way we look at the children’s apparel industry, as companies are finding ways to make unique clothes available for everyone. Here is where you can find designer kid clothes for less.

1- Start with local consignment and second-hand shops.

If you live in a large city (or at least near one), there is a pretty good chance you will find name brand kids clothes at your local thrift or consignment shops. As always, it’s a smart idea to visually inspect each piece before purchase, even at the most upscale consignment shops. Make sure that there are no stains or rips. Second-hand shops don’t allow returns, so use your purchasing power with discretion.

2- Swap clothes. 

You can take the old-fashioned approach, and swap clothes with your friends or neighbors. You could also swap with other families online. ThredUp is an easy-to-use site that lets you exchange  gently used children’s clothes for a small fee. You can easily search for different looks by brand, style, gender, and size. The only downside about this website is that they don’t offer photos.

3- Shop flash sale websites.

Zulily is an awesome website that’s a lot like Rue La La.  This is because it’s a flash sale shop that rotates new sales on designer kids clothes, toys, gifts, and more. It’s free to join, and they always have sales for items that fashion-conscience families love.

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