Designer Symbols

by Bea | February 18th, 2009 | Money Saving Hints

Old NavyHow well do you know your designer symbols?

I’ll admit that I don’t know designers too well. In fact, I would have trouble listing off more than ten names for you. To me what matters the most is if the article of clothing fits well, if it’s comfortable, and if it is good quality. Of course, I won’t be the person to buy a $3 shirt if I know that it is going to rip or that I’m going to have to throw it out in a month or after a few wears. But, what amazes me the most is how much a little symbol is worth.

For instance, while someone could pay $10 for a shirt at Old Navy and $20 for the same shirt with an eagle on it from American Eagle, someone else would pay $60 to get that same shirt, but with an alligator on it! My friend works at Vineyard Vines, and if you work there, you have to wear their clothing. Luckily the company gives its employees a set of clothing every other season, a 50% discount for personal purchases, and, I’m not sure of the exact number, but around 20% for gift purchases.

Holding up two shirts in the laundry room, he asked me to pick out the one from Old Navy. I couldn’t figure out the difference between the two shirts, until I saw the sleeve that read “Vineyard Vines founded in…” People pay double, or even triple the amount in order to advertise for a company. It’s ridiculous. However, while I do believe that Vineyard Vines shirt was of better quality, it wasn’t two or three times better as to make it worth it’s price.

Don’t even get me started on jeans. I was in a store in the Prudential center the other day when I picked up a pair of pants  that I thought were going to be $50, tops. Add a zero.

It’s ridiculous what people will pay for–but hey, I guess there are people in this world who would care if I wore $500 jeans rather than my $30 jeans.

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