DIY Beauty: Pore Cleaner and Blackhead Remover

by Sam P. | August 13th, 2015 | Beauty, DIY

diy pore cleanser (400x400)

We all struggle with blackheads and gunked up pores around our T-zone, especially in the hot summer heat.  I personally have tried everything, from facial scrubs to nose strips to clear my pores.  They work fairly well, but they can be so expensive.  On top of this I have combination skin so I get patches of flaky dry skin.  After a bit of research I discovered a cool trick to deal with both of these problems.  It is quick, easy, and cheap.


  • Non-toxic washable liquid glue (I use Elmer’s)
  • Face wash
  • Wooden application stick (optional)
  • Lotion


  1. Wash your face as you usually would.  You want a nice clean face for this.  Dry it off well.
  2. Take the glue and the applicator if you have one.  I used one from a home waxing kit that I cleaned off.  If you don’t have one you can just as easily use your fingers.  Gently apply a thin layer to the areas you want to clean.  I applied it to my whole T zone, so my nose (reaching out slightly to my cheeks), forehead, and chin.
  3. The layer should be thin enough that it isn’t thick and white, but thick enough that you can see it.  Allow it to dry for at least ten minutes, if not twenty if it is on the thicker side.
  4. Once the glue is dry, gently pick at the edges of the glue until you have a bit that you can grab onto and peel it off.  You should be able to see all the dry skin and gunk on the glue that was previously on your skin.
  5. Wash your face again to be sure all the glue is off.
  6. Moisturize with your typical moisturizer.  I use a gel moisturizer that is oil free and made for combination skin.  Apply sunscreen, as well.

The glue acts like a peel off face mask and latches onto all the impurities in your face.  You can use this cheap and effective mask once a week.  Avoid doing it more than that or irritation can occur.  The thinner the layer you apply, the faster it will dry, but you want it to be thick enough that it will actually peel off.  If the layer is too thin, it will not peel off the way you want it to and you will be left with little bits of dried glue on your face.  If you want, you can apply the “mask” to your whole face, but I try to only apply it to where I really need it.  I also use a gentle exfoliating face wash at night, so too much exfoliation and irritation can be bad for your skin.  Be sure to avoid hair, like your hair line or eyebrows, and your eye area.  You may also think using eyelash glue is a good idea because you know it is safe for your face, but it isn’t.  Not only is there not enough glue in the tiny tube you get to cover your face, it does not dry as well as the glue I use and will not peel off well.

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