DIY Button Down Dress

by Sam P. | August 27th, 2015 | DIY, Fashion

Sam Diy dress (400x400)

So, I already told you how to wear a brother’s, boyfriends, or father’s button down shirt as a skirt.  But now here is how to wear it as a dress.  There are a few different styles.  Some easier than others, but none of them require glue, scissors, sewing, any form of altering the shirt.  If you wear an A or B cup I would go with a small or a medium shirt, C cup and up go with a medium or up.  This is just a rough estimate, wear what feels comfortable.


  • Button down shirt


Style 1

  1. Button the shirt in front just above your breasts so they can help to hold the shirt up.  Button down the about upper or mid-thigh.  You can always button more or less after.  Tuck the collar in in the back.
  2. Take the sleeves and tie them below your chest at your waist in a bow.
  3. Tuck in the shirt and adjust where needed.

Style 2

  1. Start with the shirt the same way you started in style one.
  2. Take one sleeve and pull it across your chests and around to your back.  Take your other sleeve and pull it up over your shoulder and down your back.
  3. Tie the two sleeves together to create a one shouldered look.
  4. Tuck the shirt in and adjust where needed.

Style 3

  1. Start with the back of the shirt in front.  Leave the collar out and button in the back.  You can button as high up or as low as you like.  Button down to upper or mid-thigh.  You can button more or less after to create a more or less modest look.
  2. Pull the sleeves in the back and tie them in a bow.  If the sleeves are really long you can cross them in front before tying in the back.
  3. Tuck in and adjust the shirt as needed.  If the sleeve were not long enough and you could not cross them in the front you can add a belt to add more definition to your waist.

All three styles are fairly simple and really cute.  Don’t be afraid to tuck the shirt in or adjust it to make it more comfortable.  The first try doesn’t always look great either, so try again or tuck in any awkward folds that don’t look right.  These styles are great for a comfy, but nicer look.  Whether it be for at the office, at school, or a date night feel free to accessorize as needed.  Add a belt, a jacket, or jewelry as you like.

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