DIY Crop Top

by Sam P. | May 7th, 2015 | DIY, Fashion

crop top (400x400)Summer weather is here which means we need crop tops.  With a pair of high waisted shorts, or over a bathing suit at the beach, they are the ultimate summer top.  They are light and fun, but still cover everything that needs to be covered.  You can wear the with jeans on days the are a bit chillier, or shorts.  They look good on everyone!  They hit right at your waist to it is more flattering than your typical loose shirt.  Plus it gives you more ways to reuse and recycle shirts instead of just throwing them away.


  • Loose, flowy shirt
  • Scissors
  • Chalk


  1. Put on the shirt of your choice and mark off underneath your bust on your ribcage with chalk.  Don’t mark directly under your bust, go about an inch or two below it.
  2. Cut vertical strips all the way up the where you marked the shirt.  Make the strips about an inch to an inch and a half thick.  Go all the way around the shirt.  Make sure there are an even amount of strips.
  3. Start tying the strips together.  Tie each strip to the strip next to the right of it.  Be sure the make the knot all the way up to the top of the slits.
  4. Do this again, except tie the strips to the strip to the left of it.  Be sure to tie tightly and make the knots as high as they can go.
  5. Keep going until you reach about where your waist is in the shirt.  If you have done it correctly the shirt should now curve into your waist to flatter your figure.
  6. If you like the fringe look you can keep the excess fabric on them when you’re done tying the straps, but I cut them off.

This DIY is great because it does not require sewing or glue.  It is fast and simple, and it works on most any shirt.  It takes a regular shirt and transforms it into a chic and flattering crop.  The tying creates an interesting pattern that is boho and cute.  It is almost crochet like and looks fabulous.  Because the tying is so tight and you can hardly see through it you can go almost all the way up to your bust like a regular lace bralette crop top would.  This is simply a more modest form of that.  It is less revealing on the chest, more shirt like than bra like.  Wear it with shorts, jeans, to a concert, to the beach — wear it anywhere!

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