DIY Fake False Lashes

by Sam P. | June 18th, 2015 | Beauty, DIY

sams lashesSo I know fake false lashes seems kind of redundant, but with this mascara tip your lashes will be so out of this world that no one will believe they’re real.  The trick is layering, but then combing through so they don’t become clumpy.  Everyone says that after you reach three months on mascara you should throw it out because it can start to harvest bacteria and give you infections, but don’t throw them out.  Clean them out and use the brush to declump your lashes.  Sure stores make brushes for that, but this is the best way to get perfect lashes.  The little bristles get in between your lashes perfectly to give you great fluttering lashes.


  • mascara (I suggest any Maybelline or Cover Girl product)
  • an empty or old mascara wand and tube
  • baby powder
  • Q-Tips


  1. If you have not yet, clean out your old mascara tube.  Try to scrape out the old mascara by scraping the wand against the inside of the tube and wipe off the wand.  Fill the tube with water and soap or makeup remover and shake the tube with the wand inside.  Pump the wand up and down.  Rinse the tube out.  Repeat this until the tube and wand are clean.
  2. Start with clean lashes.  Put a base coat of mascara on.  If there is any clumping or you don’t like the way your lashes look take the clean mascara wand and wiggle it at the base of your lashes and brush through them until you like how they look.
  3. While your lashes are still damp dunk a Q-Tip in baby powder and coat your lashes with it.
  4. Go over with another coat of mascara.
  5. Use the clean wand to part your lashes and declump.
  6. Put on another coat of mascara if you want or to cover any baby powder you missed.

This is a great trick if you have thin or short lashes.  The baby powder sticks to the mascara and acts as a lash extender.  Whatever you do, don’t use more than one coat of baby powder or your lashes will become miserably clumpy, and no matter how much you brush them through, you won’t be able to fix them.  If you have naturally long or thick lashes skip the baby powder, but still use the brush tip.  I promise that this will declump your lashes far better than any “lash brush” will.  Plus it is free!

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