DIY Jewelry for the Summer

by Sam P. | July 1st, 2014 | Jewelry

leather bracelets (400x400)In the summer most of us often turn a blind eye to jewelry.  It is a pretty forgettable thing, we wake up and pretty much head right out the door.  We aren’t trying to impress anyone as we do at school, so we tend to forget the finishing touches.  There are easy ways to add on simple finishing touches, like jewelry, though.  All light and simple so they don’t overpower your light summer vibes.  Leave the large chunky jewelry at home and break out the simple pieces.

One easy way to do this is with DIY jewelry.  The main thing you will need is thin, long strips of leather.  They are really versatile and give off a great bohemian summer vibe.  Whether you just wrap them and tie them around your wrist, or braid them into a headband they work quite well.  An easy headband that looks great is a simple braided one.  All you need is a thin strip of leather, a long piece of ribbon, and a long piece of ball chain.  A hair tie is also needed.  Tie all three onto the hair tie so there is still enough length to braid them so it will fit around your head.  After you braid the three pieces together tie them again to the hair tie at the end of the braid.  Cut off any extra length and you are ready to go.  Make sure the braided part isn’t too long so it stays snug on your head.  It is best if the elastic has to stretch a bit so you know it is snug and secure.

You can achieve boho bracelets too with leather.  Take three strips a couple of  inches longer than your wrist and tie them together at one end.  Then start braiding them together.  Every time you have crossed each one over once take a bead and slip it onto on of the strips and continue braiding.  Repeat this until you get to the end and tie the ends together.  Tie one end of the braid to the other while it is on your wrist and you have a cute simple bracelet.

I often find necklaces too heavy in the summer, but it is the one time when you can get away with wearing anklets.  You can make a larger version of the bracelet, or you can do something different.  A favorite look of mine is with the leather, again.  I like taking three long very long strips and tying them together at one end.  I braid them all the way down and tie the other end together as well.  You can either leave at this and wrap it around your ankle a couple times before tying the ends together, or you can add more texture by adding knots.  Randomly throughout the strip of braiding add in little knots.  Or tie it randomly as you braid the strips together.

Lastly, I tend to skip trying to DIY earrings, so I just wear small studs.  Again, light and simple, nothing large and dangly to overpower anything.

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