DIY Party Makeup Look

by Sam P. | January 1st, 2015 | DIY, Fashion

DIY party makeup (399x399)You have a killer outfit picked out for a special party, and you need a killer makeup look to match it.  With such a sassy outfit you need a more traditional look to balance everything out.  Winged eyeliner and a red pout is a great look, but winged eyeliner is a tricky one to master, so the night of a party may not the be the night to experiment with it.  A red pout is an easy one to do though, just remember to touch up your lipstick all night long.  My favorite party look is a smokey eye;  I prefer golds browns and blacks, but others look  better in silvers and blacks.


  • eye lid primer
  • a nude base shade
  • white, cream, or super pale pink shade
  • a light shimmery shade
  • a medium shade, shimmery or matte is your decision
  • a dark shade
  • black
  • eyeliner
  • mascara
  • eyelash curler
  • eyelash strips (optional)
  1. Start your makeup routine as you normally would.  Set your face with concealer where is it needed and foundation if you wear it.  Fill in your brows as well to help frame your face.
  2. Apply an eye lid primer to keep your eye shadow from creasing and smudging throughout the night.  If you don’t have primer, apply concealer over your whole lid and set with powder.
  3. Apply your nude shade over your whole lid from eye lash line to just below your eyebrows.
  4. Put the light shimmery shade, but not the lightest one, over your lid up to your brow bone.
  5. Blend the medium shade in on the outer half of your eye lid working into your crease.
  6. Blend the dark shade into your outer corner and your crease and slightly above the creasy, but not too high.
  7. Using the darkest shade you have or black blend a bit of eyeshadow into your outer corner.
  8. Using a fluffy bush, blend out the whole look so it smoothly goes darker and darker across your lid.  Wipe around the edges a bit to clean up the look.
  9. Using your eye liner apply a thin line to your top lid and work it into your lash line to create a fuller appearance of lashes.
  10. Line a small amount to the outer half of your bottom lash line and smudge it out.  For a smokier look smudge a bit of the dark, but not black, shadow in where you applied your liner.
  11. For a darker look, rim your water line with black eyeliner, but don’t apply it to you inner corners.
  12. Curl your lashes and apply a few coats of mascara.  If you like, apply fake lashes as well.
  13. Apply the very lightest shade as a highlight in your inner corner and on your brow bone under the arch of your brow.

This look can be achieved with any matter of colors and with any eyeliner you like.  On my top lash line I like to use a black gel liner to get a nice smooth look, and on the bottom I use a black kohl liner.

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