DIY Pretty Muscle Tank

by Sam P. | April 9th, 2015 | DIY, Fashion

diy top (400x400)This is a great t-shirt for both working out and hanging out in the summer.  It is great for beach days and lazy days spent by the pool.  Plus, it is incredibly cute and so easy to make.  There is no sewing whatsoever required, and you don’t even need fabric glue.  All you need are your hands, an old shirt, and some scissors.  It is fast and easy so you can make it in probably about five minutes before you have to leave in case you have nothing to wear on your beach days.


  • Scissors
  • An old cotton t-shirt or long sleeve shirt (tie dye looks really cool.)


  1. Use your scissors and start by cutting the sleeves off your shirt.  Go about an inch below the arm pit seam and about half an inch in front of the seam on the front of the shirt.  Go about an inch past the seam on the top of the shoulder and two or three inches in on the back of the shirt.
  2. You should now be left with a tank top with a smaller back than front.  You don’t want the back piece between the arm holes to be more than five or six inches thick, so you may need trim it down a bit.
  3. Using one of the arms that you cut off cut off a strip of fabric.  It should be about five or six inches long.  The longer the better because you can always trim it if it is too long.  Try to keep it about an inch thick, as well.
  4. Lay the shirt down on its front and put this strip of fabric in between the two layers.  Be sure the center of the strip is lined up with the center of the back  and lift up the two ends of the strip.  This should cause the back of the shirt, between the arm holes, to pinch together.  Flip the two ends over each other and then around the back, wrapping it in fabric.
  5. Continue to do this until you reach the bottom of the arm holes, pulling the strip tight the whole way.  Using the excess fabric, tie the end off in a knot and cut off the rest of it so you don’t have a lot of fabric just dangling there.

If you did it correctly you should have a new and fun muscle tank with an interesting back.  I think it looks really cool on tie dye t-shirts.  Try to avoid using shirts with print on the back because it can make the wrapping difficult.

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