DIY Twine and Nut Bracelet

by Sam P. | September 25th, 2014 | Accessories, DIY, Women's Fashion

rsz_braceletWhen I hear nuts and bolts, I don’t think of bracelets, I think of construction.  Well, now I am in a new mindset.  All you need for this cute and easy bracelet is twine and nuts.  The size doesn’t really matter, but on the smaller side is better.  You can use gold or silver to your preference.

To start, cut off three strands of twine, each long enough to wrap around our wrist twice.  Tie them all together about an inch away from the end of the strands.  Now start braiding them. Once you have about an inch or two of braid going, start braiding the nuts in.  It is fairly simple to do this, braid as you normally would and then slide a nut onto the left strand.  Now cross that strand over into the middle as you normally would.  Now slide a nut onto the right strand and then cross that strand over to the middle just like you did on the left.  Continue this until you are out of nuts, or have two or so inches of raiding with nuts done.

After you finish that step braid the twine normally for another inch or so.  In total you should have about an inch of braiding, two inches of braiding with metal nuts, and then another inch of braiding.  Tie the strands off and cut the remaining twine off about an inch from where you just knotted it off.  The extra inch or so of twine at each end is how you will tie the bracelet onto your wrist.

If twine is too scratchy for you, you can use yarn or leather or any other material you prefer.  Just make sure you can either buy it or cut it into thin long strips.  Also, if you have larger or smaller wrists you can adjust the measurements to how you need.  I ended up redoing mine, so I only have half an inch of braiding on either side of the nut braid and only about an inch or two of the actual braid with the nuts in it.

My favorite thing about this bracelet is how easy it is.  Not only is it incredibly easy, it is incredibly cute.  You can pair it with a flannel shirt, a leather jacket, and floral dress, anything you like.  Plus, it is different, so it isn’t a bracelet everyone will have.

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