Don’t Forget This Accessory

by Lori Sciame | February 13th, 2013 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

There is one accessory that many women forget about.  Imagine the following scenario.  A high powered lawyer is in a meeting with colleagues.  She’s dressed impeccably.  Everything from her suit to her jewelry to her shoes looks classy.  Then her cell phone rings, and as she reaches for it, the bright pink Hello Kitty cover becomes the elephant in the room.  How could she have forgotten this important accessory? Given the fact that cell phones have become an integral part of a woman’s life, one must put some thought into which cell phone cover will work best with a given outfit.  Basically, cell phone covers have become an important accessory.

Is a Case Really an Accessory?

Because cell phone covers can make or break an outfit, it is important to invest in several versions.  As the example above illustrates, a woman can certainly love Hello Kitty, and that particular cover would be fine in casual settings, but a more professional cover is warranted in the office. A woman should invest in several solid color covers to match her business attire.

This is not to say that a cell phone cover has to be devoid of personality.  There are versions that can add pizazz to a work outfit as well.  For instance, a wallet cell phone case can be both practical and pretty.  Perfect for a day full of meetings, the wallet case will not only protect the phone, it will make the phone easy to find in a purse or work bag.

Where to Purchase the Perfect Cover

Finding a cellphone case and/or cover has never been easier.  Stores such as Target offer plenty of options, and one can find a variety of cute covers at the local AT&T store or other cellphone store.  There are floral designs, patterned versions, and even customizable covers.  Basically, the options for this accessory have never been greater.

Of course the lawyer mentioned in the opening scenario won’t lose a job or a client over her choice in a cell phone cover; however, she may have presented an image she didn’t mean to.  That’s why it’s so important not to forget this important accessory. Take some time to rethink your cell phone cover, and consider buying several covers to use with different outfits. This will help to make you be perfectly accessorized from head to toe.

My Favorite Find

After researching cell phone covers and cases, I stumbled across one by Michael Kors that would work great for the office or for an evening on the town.  It is a monogrammed, embossed version in turquoise blue for approximately $100.  Classy and chic!

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