Don’t Wear These to the Office

by Lori Sciame | January 2nd, 2013 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

Wearing appropriate clothing to the office remains key to career success. In order to be taken seriously, a woman needs to look both stylish and professional.  It can be tricky to figure out exactly what types of clothing to wear to work, so it can be helpful to think seriously about what not to wear. A few pieces of clothing should be avoided completely, even if an office tends to be pretty casual.

First, avoid super short skirts.  Even if a woman has flawless legs, short skirts should not be worn in an office setting. A woman should opt instead for longer styles and pair them with tights and cute boots.  How does one know a skirt is too short?  One rule of thumb if that when holding the arms to the sides, the skirt should extend below the middle finger.  In addition, if one has heavy legs, then longer styles will help hide that particular flaw.

Another item of clothing to be avoided – a strapless top, including the tube top.  It should go without saying that one should not show up to work wearing a tube top or another type of strapless top.  This type of garment reveals too much skin for the workplace.  Even if paired with a blazer or cardigan, a strapless top usually screams “party” instead of work.  When in doubt, it’s always better to cover more and to reveal less.

Coming to work in clothing that has a sheer quality can also be disastrous.  Any type of filmy, see-through material should be worn only outside of the office.  It may be fun to play peek-a-boo with a boyfriend, but doing so with co-workers will derail a woman’s career.  In essence, sheer material hints of the bedroom; therefore, a woman who wants to advance her career should never wear a piece of clothing that reminds another person of a sexy nightie!

Finally, steer clear of any dress that could be classified as club wear.  If a woman wears a dress to the hottest clubs in South Beach, she should never wear the same dress to work on Monday morning.  Again, these dresses are great for dancing and having drinks, but they won’t help a woman close an important deal or win a trial.

Figuring out what to wear to work to look both professional and stylish may seem to be a daunting task; however, if one uses common sense, she has plenty of workable options to choose from.  Avoiding super short skirts, tube tops, sheer material, and sexy club dresses will increase a woman’s chance of choosing the right clothing for her job.  When in doubt, rely on a blazer, a crisp white blouse, and fitted trousers to present a professional, put-together appearance.  Add trendy accessories, such as scarves and statement necklaces, and the look will work at almost any job.

Here’s to dressing for success!

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