Dorm Decor

by Erin Steiner | August 5th, 2008 | Money Saving Hints

When I went to college, I set off with a Mickey Mouse comforter, three garbage bags full of clothes and bedding, a boxful of school supplies and a shoebox filled with my favorite CDs and cassettes. Computers were still optional, and cell phones still looked like giant bricks. Now people going off to college have to decide what kind of computer to take and how to furnish or decorate their dorm rooms. Here are a few hints to help you shop for your dorm room décor:

1. Choose a bedspread that is washable! This, above all else will save you tons of money. Your bed is going to be the central piece of furniture in your dorm room. You will sleep in it, sit on it, lounge on it and your friends will crowd onto it. It is incredibly easy to trash a bedspread when four friends are trying to find a comfortable way to sit on a twin bed at the same time. Take a bedspread that is easily washable and hides dirt well. You can always dress it up with fun pillows and throw blankets later.

2. You can never have enough space savers—those drawers that fit under the bed and are made by Rubbermaid—get a couple of them. It might seem superfluous now, but as the semester wears on, you’ll be glad you have a way to store your things that involves more than simply tossing them under the bed and pulling them back out at the end of the year.

3. Don’t worry so much about intricate decorations. A couple of posters and some photos will work fine. As the year goes on, you’ll be taking more photos and finding more wall art that you’ll want to put up. Buying your art throughout the year is easier on your budget and saves valuable packing space.

  1. I agree, those Rubbermaid containers are great for storage! I currently am using cardboard boxes.

  2. amym says:

    There are a lot of fun and practical additions you can make to a dorm over time.

    Socially-conscious students are interested in eco-friendly accents that are practical for storage.

    Using small bowls can be great ways to house school supplies and reduce clutter in the small space of a dorm.

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