Dos and Don’ts: Men’s Winter Fashion

by Mackenzie M. | December 15th, 2011 | Men's Shopping

Winter has arrived here (at least for a few days) in New Orleans, and men all over the city, as in the rest of the country, have been breaking out their winter clothes. Naturally, I have been subjected to some horrific fashion decisions, as well as some really good ones. I love winter because it forces people’s true fashion sense to come out. Here are some of the dos and don’ts that the trendy and not so trendy men of the South have inspired.

Don’t wear shorts. You will stick out like a sore thumb, and passers-by may give you stern glances, because they know wearing shorts is only for attention. It’s cold; wear pants like the rest of us. Plus, you will surely stay warm!

Do layer. Layering is the trend again this season. A nice sweater over a button down is always a great look for the colder season. It looks classically handsome, but is still casual enough to fit in on campus. Layering really says, “I care about how I look.” During this season, there are also great deals on sweaters – especially button downs.

Don’t mismatch. All around campus I have seen fashion atrocities unfolding at every turn. Picture a pinstripe blue button-down shirt, paired with a tan, patterned wool sweater, capped off with jeans. The intentions of the outfit were correct, but if you mismatch, people will notice. Make sure your sweaters, pants, and even coat match to avoid such tragedies.

Do invest in some outdoor-use slippers. Perhaps the best investment I have made this season is a pair of dark brown, leather UGG slippers for men insulated with fur. They were worth every penny. They work inside of a cold dorm, but they can also match with outfits to be worn to class.

Don’t wear vests. Vests became increasingly popular in the earlier years of the decade, but simply should not be an item of choice any longer, at least for the college man. The puffy vest will attract attention, but the wrong kind. If a vest is already a major wardrobe piece, take extra caution when pairing with sweaters. Take any vest to the nearest consignment shop, and sell it for money to buy some trendy scarves.

Do own and wear plenty of scarves. Although I am all for saving money on winter clothes, scarves are one area that spending a little extra money can get you much better quality. Don’t pay $500 for a Burberry scarf, but do spend $40-$50 on one standby scarf for dress-up occasions. Otherwise, grandma’s knitted scarves can actually compliment even your trendiest of outfits. My best deal of the season so far was a long, grey, wool scarf at J. Crew for 25% off.

Winter is a time for college students to show off their fashion sense. Make conscious decisions when dressing in the morning, and most of all guys, allow your zany and experimental fashion side to shine.

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