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by R. Carnavale | June 18th, 2013 | Evening Wear, Women's Fashion

shoeWhen you’re going out for the evening, maybe you just want to socialize, maybe you’re looking for some romance, or maybe you’re in an adventurous mood and want a hook-up. This week, Go Shopping Info interviews dating stylist Jennifer Kelton, who offers readers practical tips on dressing for sex. Jennifer’s an expert on the topic, and she runs a consulting service that helps male and female daters dress to put their best foot forward. Jennifer also is the author of Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel, and she has two popular websites: DressForTheDate.com and BadOnlineDates.com.

Go Shopping Info (GSI) Dressing for sex in bed—what’s the one must-have item a woman should wear?
Jennifer Kelton Great sexy panties. They keep him wondering just a bit as to what may happen next. It’s like unwrapping a beautiful box. (No pun intended, well maybe just a little).

GSI What hair color and style work best to dress for sex?
JK “Bed head” is very popular among men – it gives off a vibe that you’re letting loose. Men notice hair before anything else even before cleavage and clothing based on a survey by Pantene.

GSI What’s your #1 one recommendation for a woman who wants to dress for sex?
JK Make sure to not wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or out of your comfort zone. Keep your outfit in your sexual wheelhouse. If you are not into bondage, then put away the leather, handcuff earrings, and spikes. The worst mistake is to advertise a sexual place to him that you are not willing to go to, and by not following through with that sexual place, you may come across as a tease.

GSI In your opinion, what’s the worst mistake a woman can make when dressing for sex?
JK Dress for the Date suggests you never ever wear granny panties or old socks. Also, anything with holes should be tossed out right after you finish reading this.

GSI Do you have any “dress for sex” suggestions for women over 40?
JK Show some leg!

GSI Finally, in case I’ve forgotten something, is there anything else you’d like to add that will help GSI’s readers?
JK Always be yourself. And most importantly, smile and have fun.

Finally, when you’re dressing for sex, Dress for the Date recommends wearing sky-high stilettos because they give you added height, improve your posture, push out your breasts and derriere and, best of all, they give you a big boost of confidence.

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