Dress Glam Like Michelle Obama

by R. Carnavale | April 25th, 2013 | Evening Wear

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmerican women need only look to the White House to learn how to dress fashionably American when it comes to evening wear. Michelle Obama has to be the most fashion conscious first lady in 50 years. While comparisons to Jackie Kennedy are easy to make, I give the current first lady even more credit because she favors American designers and manages to look great even though she possesses a large bone structure and maintains a healthy weight. How does Mrs. O manage to achieve glam? She wears clothes that flatter her body’s shape, dress lengths and accessories that give her a touch of class, and colors that say “Wow.”

Purple is “the king of colors,” according to Christian Dior, and Michelle often wears regal purple at major evening events. She often favors big, bold colors like ruby red, bright blue, and green in her evening wear, or she’ll dress in slimming black or neutral colors like taupe.

Michelle Obama is an American woman who is proud to wear evening wear designed by America’s top designers. Whether it she’s wearing a black jersey wrapped tunic and cocktail pants designed by Isabel Toledo, a Cuban-born American designer, a green silk chiffon dress by Kai Milla (Stevie Wonder’s wife), or a bright blue dress by Jason Wu, Mrs. O’s choice of evening wear advertises American couture and that she’s proud to be an American.

The first lady makes a point of dressing her age. When Michelle isn’t wearing a full length gown, she opts for wearing dresses with hemlines that rest at the perfect spot for women over 40, on the knee or just below it at the narrowest part of the leg. Mrs. O also knows what her fashion strengths are and chooses dressy sheaths that accentuate her height and her toned triceps. When she does wear an outfit with sleeves, she often wears three quarter length sleeves that accentuate the slimmest part of any woman’s body. the wrist.

A pearl necklace is a girl’s BFF when it comes to looking glam at star studded events, and the first lady must own drawers of them. From gumball sized pearls to cream and gold colored strands, Mrs. O has borrowed a trick from Audrey Hepburn’s and Jackie O’s fashion playbooks.

Tall women can wear belts, and Michelle at 5’11” often breaks up her solid color sheath dresses with a belt in a contrasting color. Her belts aren’t necessarily high end, either. Remember that bejeweled, off the rack J. Crew belt she wore at the 2013 Inaugural?

Michelle Obama embodies the philosophy of  “get a life to look glam.” As Gayle King once said about the first lady: “…she isn’t a fashion snob at a time when we’re always asking where did you get that or whose dress are you wearing?” In other words, Michelle doesn’t obsess about fashion and looking good. She has other interests like her children, public service, healthy food, and exercise. Being well rounded and “out there” makes the first lady self assured and nothing makes a woman look more glamorous than when she radiates confidence.

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