Dress Like a Young Professional

by Mackenzie M. | January 24th, 2013 | Men's Shopping

The general theme of life during the senior year of college is to figure out what to do after graduation. While this task may be daunting enough, students must add in resumes and in person interviews to the process. As the day of the interview approaches, many twenty something men scramble to search for the appropriate professional dress for the occasion. This scramble can be avoided with a little planning and consideration. Below are five of the required pieces that the young professional man should always have ready to go for that big job interview or event.

#1. Suit. Yes, professional suits are expensive no matter how you try to look at it. While the other pieces of professional clothing can be bought at discount prices without anyone noticing, having a well fitting, quality suit could mean the difference between you and your competitors. Imagine if you were the interviewer, and the interviewee walked in an ill fitting suit or no suit at all. Then the next candidate interviewed in a form fitting, modern suit. While this factor may simply be cosmetic, employers will analyze personal appearances during any sort of interview.

#2. Dress Shirts. Building off the suit rule, the professional man should always have one white and one light blue cotton dress shirt ready to go at all times. These colors go well with nearly all skin tones, and they are far more professional than shirts with wild patterns and colors. While light blue and white will not match every suit, try to find a color that is subdued and professional. This will add to your look without taking focus from your verbal interview. Of course, button up dress shirts can be purchased at discounted fashion retailers like H&M, but they can also be found in many outlet malls around the nation for up to 60% off retail value.

#3. Shoes. This is far from prophetic, but the key to any ensemble is a nice pair of dress shoes. Be sure they are brown or black leather and match with the full suit. Nothing looks sloppier than dress shoes that do not match the entire wardrobe. When interviewing for a job, plan the smallest detail. Be sure to get your shoes shined prior to the interview for the ultimate impression.

#4. Bag. This is one of the lesser known aspects of the professional outfit, but the briefcase or bag that you carry to the interview should be at the same level as the business suit. For example, do not carry a normal, every day sports backpack into an interview. Depending on the setting, bring a nice, leather briefcase. For younger men, leather messenger bags are a popular option. These are professional, but still retain a youthful vibe.

#5. Socks. Finally, it is inevitable that your socks will show during the interview process. Do not get caught in informal white tube socks. Instead, buy a pair of professional socks that match the suit. This is the final component of the business outfit.

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