Dress Shirt Into a Skirt Without Sewing

by Sam P. | October 23rd, 2014 | DIY, Fashion

DIY Skirt from a ShirtThis is the easiest DIY you may ever make; there are no scissors or sewing required.  All you need for this is an old dress shirt, whether it is yours, your brother’s, dad’s, or a cheap one you found somewhere.  This will be the easiest skirt you ever make and quite possibly the cutest too.  I like to wear it with tights and ankle booties.  I always wear it with my shirt tucked in or it just looks weird.  Three tops I think look great with it are another button down, a simple tank top, or a fitted sweater.  You can wear this skirt with or without tights; I think it looks fine either way.  A final warning before we start, I would avoid wearing this skirt with heels.  It tends to be on the shorter side so definitely do not wear it with pumps.  If you do want to wear heels, wear a type of ankle booties so your legs do not seem as long as they would in pumps.  I would definitely not wear it with pumps to school, and if your dress code is on the stricter side, wear this with tights so it doesn’t seem as short.

To start, find a dress shirt that you can comfortably button around your waist almost all the way without it being too tight or too loose.

Wrap the shirt around your waist with the collar tucked under and button it up.  It is ok if the top button or two don’t button, but make sure the rest do.  Also make sure that all the buttons are lined up with the right holes.

Adjust the skirt as you need so it is resting on your hips and waist, but still comes down low enough to be appropriate.

Now take the sleeves and pull the up and over the collar and tie them at your waist.  You can tie them in a bow if you like, or double knot them and leave them hanging.  The shoulders of the skirt should be the top of the skirt and the collar should not be sticking out.  If you need, tuck the collar in and make sure you can’t see it through the skirt.

I use my brother’s shirts when I do this, and he is a medium to a large in men’s, and I’m an extra small.  I tried using my own shirt, and it was far too small.  I also tried using my stepdad’s shirt, he’s an extra-large, and it was far too big.  The shirt has to be a size or two, at least, larger than you usually wear.  When you button it around your hips and waist, it should button snugly and comfortably.  It shouldn’t be so tight that you are afraid of ripping it if you bend over, and it shouldn’t be so loose that you are afraid of it falling down or it is baggy.

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