Dress to Impress on a First Date

by R. Carnavale | June 14th, 2013 | Evening Wear, Women's Fashion

topOn a first date, you want to create a great first impression because a great first impression may help make your date blossom into romance, sex and maybe even a permanent commitment. This week, Go Shopping Info interviewed dating stylist Jennifer Kelton, who offers practical tips on creating that great first impression by making smart fashion choices. Jennifer’s an expert on the topic, and she runs a consulting service that helps male and female daters dress to put their best foot forward on a date. In addition, Jennifer is the author of Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel and has two popular websites: DressForTheDate.com and BadOnlineDates.com.

GSI: Why is fashion important in a woman’s dating life?
JK: That old saying, “You only look as good as you feel,” is so true here. Putting something on that makes you feel fabulous speaks “fabulous” even before you’ve said a word to your date.

GSI: What do you recommend a woman wear on a first date?
JK: Keep it simple. The little black dress can be dressed up or down. It’s a great go-to first date outfit. Also, always make sure to wear shoes that are comfortable. It’s a buzz kill for men to see their date paralyzed by their shoes.

GSI: What do you recommend a woman wear on a blind date?
JK: Nothing flashy. Stick to a good pair of black jeans paired with a simple black or white shirt and a leather jacket. Again, opt for comfortable shoes.

GSI: What do you suggest for a woman who’s newly single?
JK: Get out there! Even if you are alone, go to your local happy hours and find some new hobbies. There are also great single meet-ups all over the country.

GSI: Do you have any “dress for sex” suggestions for women over 40?
JK: Show some leg!

GSI: Do you have any suggestions for women who are overweight or who have other figure problems?
JK: Keep to simple patterns of one color. Too many patterns and colors will only draw the eye to problem areas. Also DFTD has no problem suggesting to clients to purchase shapewear undergarments such as Spanx.

GSI: What accessories do you suggest women wear on a date?
JK: With a great handbag and shoes, you can never go wrong. Think of these as investment pieces that you will have a very long time and can be used to build a great dating wardrobe around.

GSI: What kind of shoes do you recommend women wear to attract men?
JK: BOOTS! Men love boots. I think in the back of their head they may even be seeing you getting buck-naked with them on.

GSI: Any makeup tips?
JK: Keep it light and natural looking — unless you work for the clown show at the circus ;). No man wants to have your caked-on foundation all over his shirt, let alone his pillowcases. Also if you have too much make-up on, it makes your date wonder what’s going on underneath the mask.

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