Dressing in One Color

by Sam P. | January 8th, 2013 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

Dressing in all one color is a trick that is very difficult to perform, but, if done correctly, looks fantastic.  I find the two easiest colors to dress in are gray and blue, because there are so many shades of them.  It is also easy to dress completely in black, but it can look Gothic.

Consider the following. I could wear a long, gray sweater dress with gray tights that were the same shade with no pattern, or I could wear a shorter, clingy, charcoal gray sweater dress with pale gray and black gray checkered tights.  Maybe it’s just me, but the second outfit sounds way cuter.

Gray.  Besides the outfit I described above, there are dozens of combinations that look adorable.  For pants I like a basic gray skinny jean.  I think they look good on all body types, and jeans tend to smooth out any unwanted lumps and bumps.  For tops, I adore over-sized knit sweaters.  If you really want to add a pop of color, a simple bright scarf brings the whole outfit together.  Pair it with combat boots, and you will look fierce.

Blue.  Blue jeans, enough said.  I mean who doesn’t love their oldest, comfiest pair of blue jeans?  You can pair these with any shade of blue shirt and look fantastic.  I think with blue,  if the style of the shirt works, brown cowboy boots with or without a heel look great.  If you want to go with the boots, your shirt can’t be too frilly.  Plaid button downs work the best, but basic tees also work.

Black.  In some ways, black is the best color for every woman.  I have never met a person whose skin tone doesn’t work well with black; plus it’s slimming!  For pants, anything works.  Yogas, dress pants, skinny jeans, go crazy!  For yoga pants, a slightly sheer black tee with a v-neck looks adorable.  With dress pants, some sort of blouse looks cute.  Maybe a silk button down blouse that has a slight empire waist, cap sleeves, a swoop neck, and cinched hems?  A pair of black pumps, and you’re in perfect work attire!  You skinny lovers have the most leeway.  Since jeans are so versatile, you can pair black skinnies with anything.  A pair of black ballet flats, a black camisole with lace trim, and a cardigan with a black and charcoal pattern would look fantastic.  Very preppy chic.  For a more rocker look, I would go with slightly ripped black skinnies, a slightly sheer v-neck tee, a leather jacket, and combat boots.

Those are only a few suggestion for outfits. With those three colors, you can never go wrong.  Just get creative! And just because you’re trying to dress in all one color, it doesn’t mean you can’t add in a different colored scarf, necklace, or shoes to pull the look together.  Feel free to tell us your outfit combinations below in the comment section!

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