Dressing Well For Large Men

by Jacob Parzych | May 22nd, 2014 | Men's Shopping

man suit (400x400)I’m not a particularly huge man, but I would not call myself small in any way.  To give you decent image of myself, I am 5’11, 190 pounds, broad shouldered, and barrel chested.  For those who still cannot picture me, I play on offensive line.  That should paint a pretty solid portrait of Jacob.  As a larger dude, I often find it hard to shop.  Much of today’s menswear is cut for skinny twigs, men with 8% body fat, 12 inch waist, and legs shaped like toothpicks.  That is not me.  However, I have begun to find a way to maximize my shopping potential.

There are many secrets to being a well dressed big man.  It may take extra effort, but it will pay off.  Once you are well dressed, nothing is more impressive than a well-dressed, large framed man.

  • Make sure you get jeans or pants that fit well.  As I have mentioned before, far to many pants are cut for men with stick-like legs.  If you have big thighs and calves, you don’t want jeans that suffocate them.  This will make you uncomfortable, shorten the lifespan of the pants, and show off your thighs.  Make sure they fit well, but not loose.  Baggy is just as bad, because it will make you look even larger.
  • Get tailored, well fitted suits.  A suit that does not fit well will be baggy in the wrong places and tight in others.  A tailor can make your suit fit you perfectly, framing your physique in the right way.  A tailored suit will get you through certain situations with look alone.
  • Wear untucked dress shirts as a casual outfit.  Tucked in dress shirts work well for thin, fit guys, because the tight front of the shirt shows of their physique.  However, the tight waistline and then bulging shirt does the opposite for big men.  Meanwhile, an untucked shirt will create a flat front, preventing any apparent bulges or rolls.
  • Avoid heavy fabrics.  Heavy fabrics will make a man look larger than he is, while thin fabrics will keep size to minimum.  Unless it is particularly cold or slimming in some other way (such as black), don’t wear thick fabrics.

Being a well dressed big man is a challenge, but you can do it.  You just need all of the right weapons in your arsenal.


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