Easter Dresses

by T Akery | March 30th, 2012 | Kids' Shopping

Once spring has presented itself in nature, the time to think about Easter dresses has arrived. Those colorful dresses are decorating stores and announcing that Easter will be here very shortly. Unfortunately, this is usually a dress that doesn’t see much wear other than on the day of the holiday; however, if you choose the right type of Easter dress, then you can stretch it out to more than one wearing.

The trick is not to get overly wowed by really detailed and highly decorated dresses. Usually, these are more expensive and less practical for more than just sitting in church looking  pretty. They are tempting, but if you want some versatility, you need to look at much simpler versions.

The material is also a big factor when looking at Easter dresses. Unfortunately, some of these dresses can be extremely heavy. This heaviness makes them less than ideal for spring weather. The heavy material also tends to push the price of the dresses upward.

You also want to avoid dresses that have lots of underlay. The underlay makes the dresses poof up, and it adds extra weight and makes them unwearable when outdoors. This is impractical if your child wants to play after an egg hunt.

Instead, look for Easter dresses that match the whole theme of spring and can be worn for other occasions. Like other pieces of clothing, the Easter dress should have a measure of versatility. Pick colors and patterns that can easily fit into other seasons or that match long sleeve shirts and tights for a bright splash during the fall months.

Consider dress materials that can handle outdoor play and still look good after washing. Avoid any type of dry cleaning only material or material that looks like it could easily wrinkle.

The Easter dress is a signal of spring. They are bright and colorful. Just because they are meant for Easter doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn for other occasions.


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