eBay is Overrated

by Joe Lawrence | March 17th, 2009 | Money Saving Hints

ebayFor many years, eBay has been synonymous with online shopping.  If you want to buy something, go to eBay.  If you’ve something to sell, eBay.  Times are changing and there’s a better way…for now.

Craigslist.com has grown exponentially over the past few years.  From just a few regions years ago to nationwide coverage,  Craigslist is growing and becoming the new eBay for many items.

eBay is awesome for selling old CDs or small collectibles.  There is someone out there who would love to have what you’re offering.  What has left a bad taste in my mouth is eBay’s fees.  I feel it’s extremely fair to collect a listing fee for items that sell.  However, now you get charged even if your item doesn’t get bought.

Craigslist.com doesn’t charge a single penny for any item sold.  In fact, people advertise rental properties, cars, homes, furniture, etc. and enjoy fee-free sales.  Each time I’ve placed an item of furniture on there…it has sold very quickly.

How does it work?  Craigslist essentially has replaced the classified ads in the newspaper.  Classified ads cost money…Craigslist doesn’t.  Only those who can review the local paper can see your ad.  Craigslist can be viewed anywhere there is an Internet connection.

It is super easy to set everything up and place your ad, and you can leave it on there forever…no time limits for auctions or new editions of the paper.  In those terms, it is superior.

Where this site lacks is all ads are only regional, and you handle the financial transaction yourself.  If you want to sell a bicycle, you only can place the ad in one region at a time.  There is not a universal database that anyone can tap into.  They have to look for bicycles in your city to find your ad.

Just like the old days with classified ads, you have to handle the finances on your own.  When the person comes to look at the bike, you are the salesman and exchange the money right on the spot.  These negatives are worth not paying the fees on larger ticket items.

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