End of Season Style Boost

by Lori Sciame | March 1st, 2011 | Fashion, Sales

Spring is just around the corner. Finally! Retailers are showcasing spring fashions. Most winter-weary shoppers welcome this transition; however, before you say good-bye to this season’s clothing, footwear, and accessories, snap up some bargains to pack away for next fall.

I’ll admit… it takes discipline to hit the sale racks when your spirit is weary from cold weather and short days. I would much rather try on vibrant colored summer dresses and imagine myself strolling an outdoor farmer’s market than think about buying boots for trudging through the snow.

But the payoffs of one last winter shopping trip are worth it. Next fall, when you take the items you purchased now out of storage, you will pat yourself on the back for thinking ahead. The truth is – styles do not change dramatically from season to season. You can safely purchase items at the end of this season that will still be fashionable next winter. Most importantly, you can find high quality merchandise at rock-bottom prices.

Look for the following deals:


1. Sweaters – Each winter season I make sure to have a variety of “staple” sweaters in my closet, including a black cardigan, and several V neck sweaters. These staples offer dozens of interesting work outfits with the addition of blouses, turtle necks, and luxurious scarves. Think about what staple sweaters would help you create the winter wardrobe of your dreams. Why pay $75 for a better quality sweater next fall, when you can purchase one for $10 this spring?

2. Slacks and Skirts – Just like winter sweaters, slacks and skirts can be purchased now for incredible prices. It is important to try on the items before you purchase them, because this late in the season you don’t want to think about the possibility of returns. Again, think about what you wear to work, and purchase those items. It takes time to search the racks for the right size, but it is well worth the pay off later.


1. Heels, Flats, and Boots – It is helpful to anticipate what footwear you will need next fall by assessing the condition of your current selection of shoes and boots. Face it, good quality footwear is an essential element of style, and now is the time to fill in any “gaps” in your collection.

2. Slippers and Socks – It is also time to purchase dark color socks, fuzzy slipper socks, and slippers. The selection may have dwindled on lower quality items, but better quality slippers and socks remain on the shelves. Treat yourself to these necessities, ones that swaddle your feet in comfort on cold winter nights.


1. Hats, Gloves, Scarves, and Mittens – By the end of the season, mittens may have no mate and hats and scarves may have “pulls” in the fabric, so beginning next year with a fresh set will boost your style.

2. Seasonal Jewelry – Holiday jewelry, including big, bold pieces, can accentuate plain sweaters and dresses, giving them a sophisticated look. Grab a few pieces now, for use at next year’s holiday parties; you won’t be sorry.

3.  Handbags – Incredible deals abound at this time of year on purses, especially designer bags.  The right handbag can make a stylish statement, so having an assortment can amp up your style.

This type of shopping trip works best if you make a list beforehand. Also, make sure you have at least a couple of hours to be able to search for those items. Most retailers want shoppers to notice full-price items, but end of season shopping calls for focus, focus on the incredible deals that will be a welcome addition to your unique and stylish wardrobe next fall.

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