Ethnic Accessories

by Lori Sciame | April 25th, 2012 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

Celebrate the sheer diversity of our wonderful world this spring with some playful accessories.  Feeling tribal?  Opt for a chunky faux tooth necklace.  Want to add some Asian flair?  Wrap a Korean silk scarf around your shoulders over a strapless sun dress.  Crave Indian spice?  Toss on Indian inspired earrings.

Thank goodness fashion designers have embraced the unique influences of all the different peoples who inhabit the globe.  There’s no better way to make a personalized fashion statement than by incorporating a few of these ethnic pieces into your style arsenal.

Some of the hottest tribal accessories can be found on Harper’s Bazaar.com. They have photos of beaded purses, as well as fake tooth and bone necklaces as seen on the runways for spring 2012.  Depending on your personal style, you may love that jaw dropping necklace, but most women will gravitate more towards more subdued  tribal accents.  The best way to jump on this trend?  Purchase a delicately woven evening purse in a neutral color.

In addition to the tribal trend, scarves with an ethnic flavor will also adorn the most stylish women this spring.  Now that warmer temperatures are here, scarves have went from bulky to sleek.  Dress up your light colored work suit with a vibrant Asian scarf loosely tied around the neck, or pair a white knit shell with a red silk scarf draped seductively around the shoulders for a casual date. (I have two of these scarves, both from Korea, and I love the way they can be used not only around the neck, but as belts on casual dresses too).

Recently, fashion divas have also embraced the sultry and mysterious accessories provided by the culture of India.  Imagine a beautiful jewel adorning your forehead much like the beauties of India have done for centuries.  If you’re not that bold, you can still wear drop earrings made of copper.  They can add a bit of daring to any outfit.

Wearing ethnic accessories should always be fun, as they can be conversation starters; however, make sure not to over do it.  I would not recommend pairing an African themed necklace with large Indian earrings, or wearing a Japanese kimono inspired dress with a Native American beaded necklace. The key remains – stick with one country or ethnicity for a classy look. Otherwise, you’ll look more like a walking museum of anthropology!

Quick Ethnic Pick

Etsy has tons of ethnic inspired jewelry for reasonable prices.  Check out the following:

Delicate Tagua Nut Earrings – “The Tagua Nut is also sometimes referred to as “‘Vegetable Ivory'” due to the fact that it is almost indistinguishable from real ivory. In fact, one Tagua palm tree’s harvest is EQUAL to ivory from one Elephant. These nuts have been used as an ivory substitute for over 140 years! An “‘Eco-Friendly'” product, the Tagua Nut is renewable and sustainable, and helps support the employment of nearly 35,000 people in the rainforests.”

Adding a dash of ethnic zest to any outfit has never been more appropriate.  Have fun experimenting!

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