Evening Wear Guidelines

by Delaney M. | August 15th, 2012 | Women's Fashion

When it comes to deciding on what to wear for a night out on the town, many women do not know that for different occasions, there are also different types of clothing that will be considered appropriate.

Ranging from going out on a date, to going out to a club, to a formal occasion, the styles of suggested evening wear change. Also, depending on where you live or where you are going, location is everything. Some choices of dress may be too much or too little for the area you are in.

Starting with what your evening apparel should be when you are going out on a date, I would suggest keeping it simple. When you are out on a date, you definitely do not want it to look like you are trying too hard. Wearing a sophisticated, but fun mid-thigh length dress with a cute cardigan would look very appropriate. Also, wearing nice dark blue jeans with a cute blouse, high heels, and a leather jacket would make you look classy yet daring. (Cute heels for less = Payless).

I suggest if you are showing leg, do not show cleavage or go sleeveless. That also goes the opposite way, where if you are not showing leg, it can be considered appropriate to bare arms or show a little more cleavage. Always remember to be fun and flirty, not over the top or too bland.

If you are going out to a club, the evening wardrobe you choose to wear can be a lot more daring. Basically when you go to a club, anything you want to wear goes. A lot of women choose to wear clothes that are a little more risqué and show more then you would at any other location. A fun club outfit would be wearing a black leather skirt, blouses that have animal print on them, and cute red pumps. At a club you are able to show your provocative side. It gives you a chance to be wild with your clothing.

Finally, if you are going to a formal occasion, wearing what you wore to work, but adding a touch of night wear looks great. You want to jazz up your outfit. For example, if you wore a pencil skirt, button down shirt, and heels to work, adding a cute mid-waist belt, a colorful scarf, or wild heels would look fabulous.

Also, wearing a nice evening dress would look great. It all comes down to the type of event you are going to. Make sure you are not too risqué. Being wilder at an art viewing is appropriate; however, if you are going to a charity function or getting together with bosses, I would suggest evaluating what would be considered appropriate.

Deciding what to wear for an evening event can be intimidating and difficult to choose; however, following these simple guidelines will work wonders. For beautiful, sophisticated, and easy on the wallet evening options, I would definitely suggest Express.

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