Fabulous Fall Accessories

by Lori Sciame | August 29th, 2012 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

Labor day is upon us, and a true fashion conscious woman’s thoughts naturally turn to her fall wardrobe and accessories.  As usual, designers who specialize in accessories tempt shoppers with up-to-the-minute merchandise.  So what’s new this fall?  Read my post for a look at some fabulous fall accessories from belts to faux fur stoles.

1.  The Skinny Belt – Maximize your style by adding a skinny waist belt to your outfit.  You can even find double wrap versions like those that were popular in the 1980’s. For only $38.00 BCBGMAXAZRIA has a silver metallic version that would add excitement to an ensemble for a night on the town. Keep your eyes open, as if you shop resale stores, you should be able to find vintage skinny  belts at a reasonable price.

2.  Sleek Leather Gloves – Fresh off the runways of Milan and New York, leather gloves promise to be one of fall and winter’s hottest fashion trends this year.  These gloves glide up the arm, many ending above the elbow.  Daring, yet sophisticated.  Sometimes referred to as opera gloves, this accessory can be paired with a formal dress for a look that only the most confident woman could pull off.  Look online for the best deals, as this item is so hot, I couldn’t locate any knock offs yet!

3.  Art Deco Jewelry – Maybe you’ve been to Miami, so you know a little bit about how hot the art deco look can get, but even if you don’t have a clue about what this style is, you will by the end of this fall.  Think bold, think color!  Rachel Zoe has captured the spirit of art deco in her new jewelry collection available exclusively at Neiman Marcus.  Although a little pricey for most women, these pieces feature gold accented with brash colors.  For instance, her square drop black and gold earrings would look great with  any evening outfit well.  Look for art deco jewelry in cheaper stores, such as Charming Charlies.

4.  Fur Accents – Fur has made of comeback, faux fur that is!  Look for stoles to drape over your shoulders in blacks and browns, but also in hot pink and jewel-tone blue.  These accessories can be paired with jeans and boots for a more casual look, or with a gown and heels for a formal event. Check out Etsy for a pink tails faux fur stole that will steal your heart.  They have many “tame” styles as well.

5.  Clutch Only – One trend has some designers showcasing their clothing without any additional adornment from jewelry, belts, gloves, or scarves.  Without any distractions, other than the clutches paired with the clothing, the dresses, tops, and pants speak for themselves – and they say, “I’m so good I don’t need any help!”

Fall fashion accessories in 2012 will provide plenty of interest and drama.  Try one or more of these trends to add some glamor to your style.

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