Fabulous Shoes for the Office

by Anna P. | February 22nd, 2012 | Shoes

For most of us, the office is the one place where we must follow a strictly conservative dress code. We can’t wear anything casual, like jeans or sundresses, nor can we wear our sexiest sandals or cozy beach flip flops. While that does limit some of our style options, it also opens up some style ideas we may have forgotten about. Check below for a list of shoes you should have.

1- Flats

Flat heels are required for women who are on their feet almost all day, or for women who are not comfortable wearing pumps every day for eight hours or more. The trend-conscious fashionista will use this opportunity to find a cool pair of flat-heeled footwear that really speaks to them. Try pointy-toed shoes with a slightly elevated heel or a pair of moccasins.

2- Low to Moderate Heels

If you’ve gotta have some sort of elevation, stick with pumps that have low to moderate heel. Look for pairs that are a little trendy but that are not overembellished. Save those sequin sandals for after dark and reach for a pair of nude round toe pumps instead. If you have foot problems, insert a Dr. Scholls gel cushion inside the shoes to ease foot pain.

3- Round-toe Pumps in Fun Colors

Love round-toe pumps? Why not invest in a few quality pairs in fun shades like lemon, dark green, or even red? You can easily pair these shoes with all your neutral-colored outfits, including black and brown, to provide a pop of color.

4- Casual Platform Sandals

If you work in a casual or creative environment, you could probably get away with wearing casual platform sandals or dressy sandals. Keep the look office-appropriate by wearing patent or real leather styles.


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