Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

by R. Carnavale | September 5th, 2013 | Accessories, Shoes, Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

bootsClothes that make a statement and eye-catching outerwear like capes are trending this fall. This season’s hot styles include the military look, the academic style, emerald green everything, short hemlines, retro styles (from the 60s and 70s), all-over leather , must-have hats, thigh-high boots, and perennial peplum. The “in” colors are jewel-toned and go well with emerald green. Menswear fabrics and classic prints make a comeback as does winter white. If you want to look in vogue, here’s more on what’s trending this fall in fashion:

  • Over-sized parkas, big furs, and leather coats are in style this season and so are capes and any coat that looks like you borrowed it from your boyfriend’s closet. Pastel colors like baby blue, powder pink, buttercup yellow, and lavender are popular and so are deep jewel-toned colors like ruby red, emerald green, and sapphire.
  • This fall’s fashion trends feature the collegiate-inspired look with crisp oxford shirts, cardigans, argyle sweaters, and tweed pants.
  • Pleated skirts with high waists and short hemlines are in style.
  • Classic prints like plaids and hound’s-tooth checks and menswear fabrics (think tweed) are in style as is the leopard print look in traditional black and brown and in more unexpected colors like red and pink.
  • Military chic is in-think khaki green with a girly look.
  • Emerald green is the “it” color this fall and should be worn with other jewel tones, such as sapphire, amethyst, and garnet. Deep, muted colors are also in style–dark purple, burnt orange, teal, wine, black, white and grey.
  • Velvet is back in style and so is the snake print look in tops and bottoms.
  • Turtlenecks make a comeback.
  • Winter white makes a comeback this fall in the evening and at work, too.
  • The all-leather look is out but colored leather is in addition to leather embellished t-shirts, leather backpacks, leather dresses, leather car coats with a 1970s look à la The Mary Tyler Moore Show or The Bob Newhart Show, and leather pants.
  • The retro 60s style is in with thigh-high boots, bright colors, and mini-dresses.
  • Peplum is still fashionable–define your waist or add curves if you have a boyish figure.
  • The layered look with a mixture of textures is in style. Think leather pants topped with a short voile dress.
  • Cool hats are a must this fall, especially fedoras, beanies, baseball caps, bowler hats, and floppy knits.
  • Thigh-high boots with high or flat heels (for those who prefer not to trip and fall) are popular.
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