Fall 2014 Trends in Casual Wear for Women

by Kimberly Hays | August 20th, 2014 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

woman coat and belt (400x400)Fall will soon be here, and with the change in seasons comes a transition in clothing trends. By adding a few key trendy pieces to our wardrobes, we can be in style without breaking the bank. All of these pieces are available in stores everywhere, so choose a couple that you can add to your wardrobe before the chilly days arrive.

Faux Leather Jackets – This 1980s trend is back. Paired with a mini skirt or leather shorts, this is one of the hottest trends for fall. If you are not comfortable with the short skirts or shorts, you can also use the jacket as a signature piece when wearing jeans and boots.

Torn Jeans – Speaking of jeans, torn jeans are also back in style again. These jeans aren’t just strategically frayed in places, but instead have actual holes in them, usually in the knees. Wear a feminine top with them to offset the hard look of the jeans.

Chevron Pattern – Anything and everything with a chevron pattern is hot right now and it is expected to continue until next spring. You can choose from a top, pants, hat, scarf, bag or shoes for wearing the chevron pattern. Be sure to keep it to one piece, though, or it will be too over the top.

Belts – Belts in every color will be on trend and added to every kind of outfit. Think sweaters, t-shirts, and even jackets. Grab several when you are out shopping for your fall accessories because you will want to wear one most every day. Buy belts in varying sizes which can make a single outfit look different just by changing from a wide belt to a thin belt.

Capes – You can find capes in short and long lengths, and whatever your preference, be sure to buy one with a pop of color to be on trend. Bright red, blue, or yellow are great options, as well as patterned capes in houndstooth or plaid.

Longer Skirts – If you like wearing maxi skirts or mid-calf skirts, buy a full skirt to pair with your faux leather jacket and feminine top. Where pencil skirts have been in style for a while, the circle skirt is what is hot now. The versatility of these skirts makes it easy to dress them up, or dress them down for a casual look.

Folk Theme – Folk theme is pieces with beautiful embroidery and bold colors. Look for tops with embroidery on the collar, jeans with embroidered pockets, scarves with folk art embroidery, and canvas bags with an embroidered front.

The 2014 fall trends are feminine with an edge. These pieces can be worn by every woman, no matter what body type, so choose the ones that you like to add to your personal style this season.


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