Fall 2015 Fashion Essentials

by Sam P. | August 25th, 2015 | Essentials, Teen Fashion

girl in jeans (400x400)This fall is all about comfort.  From boyfriend fit jeans, to over-sized totes, comfort and functionality are the only things you need to worry about.  Of course, everyone needs the basic essentials; comfy go to shoes and tank tops, sweatpants, leggings, and of course a go to sweater, but trends come and go.  This fall is filled with loser styles and functional accessories.

For bottoms boyfriend fit jeans and flare jeans are everything.  Every girl needs a go to pair of boyfriend fit jeans that are baggy and comfortable, but still hug your curves just right.  I personally love them in a light wash and filled with rips.  The edgier the better.  Flare jeans look better in darker washes.  Be sure not to go to crazy with the flare.  You don’t want bell bottoms.  Think slightly bigger than boot cut.  They should hug your thighs and hips enough to show off your curves, but not tight as skinny jeans can be.  Moto jeans can be a good substitute if you don’t think boyfriend fit suits you.  A bit snug, but still gives room to move and an edgy look.

For tops, think button downs and over-sized sweaters.  Over-sized sweaters were in style last year, as well, but this year they are in a whole different style.  Try pairing them with your boyfriend fit jeans for a comfy and slouchy look that you won’t be able to resist.  You may think it looks boxy and awkward, but it isn’t.  The over-sized sweater should still hug your chest enough to show off your feminine features while the boyfriend fit jeans add the structure that leggings just can’t.  As for button downs, white is a go to staple for your closet.  Look for ones that are a bit more fluid than your usual button down.  A cinched waist and bell sleeves adds a whole new look to your basic button down.

For your purses, think over-sized or functional.  Now this may seem odd, but look for belt bags.  Think of it as the fanny pack’s older and more fashionable sister.  It brings all of the functionality of a fanny pack, without the grandmother look.  Find a square structured one, I like black leather with a skinny belt, but the choice is all yours.  Over-sized totes are all the rage, as well.  We all get those days where we can’t possibly leave the house without powder, mascara, lipstick, a sweater, flats in case our feet get sore, tissues, a hat because you never know you’ll need one, and everything else in your house.  Well an over-sized tote is the answer for this.  It is functional and cute, without looking like a sack.

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