Fall Casual Clothes for the Plus-Size Figure

by R. Carnavale | October 2nd, 2014 | Women's Fashion

jeans (400x400)Fall is here and the fashion industry is mixing things up a bit. Casual clothing choices that work well if you have a plus-size figure include this season’s popular “blanket as coat” looks and fluffy sweaters and cardigans in jewel tones. The key is to NOT match prints; instead, think back to the 90s grunge movement and pile on those layers of prints in different textures: smooth with rough and shiny and matte. Also skip last year’s dull boot styles — this year’s styles are knee-high, glitzy and fun. Here are some tips for looking great when you’re dressed casually this fall:

Bigger on top

You’ll want a well-fitting, snug shoulder to decrease the overall frame of your body.

Try wearing a sweater (a sweater with a built-in shirt collar) or a solid-colored sweater paired with a blouse with a shirt collar to draw attention above your chest.

Avoid pants that are skinny in terms of the width of the leg because they will make your top half look bigger and your body will look out of proportion.

Wear light-colored pants and jeans to make your body look better-proportioned.

Avoid khakis that match your skin tone because pants that match your skin tone look awful. That means if you have a pink undertone, choose khakis with a blue undertone and if you have olive skin, choose khakis with a yellow undertone.

Match your prints to your size — if you’re tall, keep the prints big; if you’re of average height or short, choose dainty prints that won’t overwhelm the eye.

A three-button structured short jacket will help keep your chest from spreading outward into the arm area.

Big bottom

Wear mid-rise jeans to make your legs look longer.

Wear pants and jeans in dark colors to de-emphasize large hips and thighs and make sure there’s no whiskering or bleaching near your hip and thigh regions for the same reason.

Wear stretch jeans with a straight leg cut to create a long leg line. Avoid boot-cut jeans because they will make your legs look shorter and they’ll emphasize your thighs.

A 3/4-length brightly-colored top or knit sweater with an interesting neckline and a drop necklace will keep eyes on your top and off of your bottom.

Wear pointy-toed shoes or boots to make your legs look longer.

Wear your cardigan and coats open to create a long vertical line (which is very slimming) down the front of your body.

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