Fall Manicures – Perfect Color Choices

by Delaney M. | November 1st, 2012 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

When women decide which nail polish color to wear, they often base their choice on a particular outfit or on colors they’ve recently seen advertised. Another way to make the choice easy is to base your color off of the season. Being fall, one should pick a nail polish that resonates with the colors of the harvest season. There are many different shades of colors to choose from; however, going with the fall theme makes it easier pick one that is sensational.

An amazing color that looks classy and timeless is red. Because of the changing colors of the leaves, red always goes fabulous along with the season. There are many different hues to choose from, ranging from bright, fiery red to an almost purple red. For the daring women of the world, the brighter shades make your personality pop and gives that wow factor. If you more of a classic type with a strong romantic side, the darker reds suit well with your character. Also, dark reds give off a more mysterious persona. Overall, any shade of red would look marvelous with the looks and fabrics of fall.

The next choice of color for fall nails would be purple. This may not scream to you the feeling of fall right away; however, it gives you a warmer look to offset the cooler temperatures. Rich, dark purples will look well against the changing colors of the leaves. It suits the cold temperatures, and it gives you a comfortable feel. Also, any color of clothing works well with this color of nail, so you do not have to worry about matching your outfit. When choosing a warm color, such as purple, you are giving off a chic appeal. Instead of flaunting a typical red nail, purple gives off an edgier vibe. It is not as popular as most other colors, so your nails are sure to be eye catching.

For the last color selection, you can never go wrong with blues. With the typical colors of fall, navy and midnight blue manicures would look amazing. Dark blue nails set off the bright colors of the leaves. Having navy colored nails is a good choice, because they are dark and warm; however, they do not give you a gothic appearance. They add the right amount of elegance.

When getting a manicure during the fall season, the three top color choices you should go for are bright or dark reds, warm purples, or dark blues. You can never go wrong with any of these, because you will pop with the contrast of the leaves. Get your perfect fall nails by following these color guidelines! And maybe add a design to further amp up your style – think shiny stars on navy blue.

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