Fall Nail Polish Trends

by Delaney M. | October 4th, 2012 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

As most women would agree, we look our best when we follow the trends of the fashion world. That being said, when the seasons change, so should our appearances, at least a little bit. This rule applies not only to our clothing and accessories, but  to beauty trends.

Now that it is fall, women should change up their beauty routines and try something different. Nail polish is a way to mix up your general appearance without making you look like a completely different person.

In the season of fall, nail polish colors differ from the rest of the seasons. For example in the summertime, many women go for the daring colors that play off of their sun-kissed skin; however as much as you may love your neon pink polish, when fall hits, it is time to put it away. In fashion, the rule of matching does not really exist, but when it comes to wearing nail polish colors, it is highly advised to have it look appropriate with the season.

Having said all of that, it is a good tip to know that dark colors are the best match to fall. They give off a sophisticated, calm, and comforting look that goes along with the feeling of the season. Wearing a comfy dark brown or lovely dark purple will make you look amazing while matching together with the time of year. Trends follow the seasons because whatever you wear looks its best when worn at the appropriate time of the year. Clothing and beauty products look the best when they go along with the nature that surrounds us.

My suggestions for popular fall colors would be blacks, dark browns, warm purples, midnight blues, dark greens, dark reds/maroons, and possibly even burnt orange if you are a daring woman. Many well-known nail polish brands have a lot of different colors that fit well with the season of fall. L’Oreal Paris has a wide selection of colors that are sure to fit in with the colors suggested. Also, they are pretty inexpensive polishes, so you can look great on a budget if need be.

Rimmel of London is another good brand for nail polish, however, they do not typically have that big of a selection to choose from. I have found black, dark purples, and blues. They also look very nice and can be found for a decent price. If you have a good amount of money to work with, you can go to any Sephora store and find a wide variety of colors for the fall season.

When it comes to having your nails look beautiful for the new season, it only takes a little bit of effort and a small amount of money. To find any of the brands mentioned above, go to any local Walgreens, CVS, or Wal-Mart.

Enjoy the beauty of fall along with your gorgeous nails!

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