Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

by Mackenzie M. | May 15th, 2013 | Men's Shopping

sweaterHave you seen the People of Wal Mart?  You know, the hideous pictures of supposedly real of men and women who shop at this mega store?  Of course most people don’t wear thongs over red leather pants or tutus like some of the men of Wal Mart do, but many men still make less than stellar fashion statements.  In fact,  men make mistakes with the clothes they wear at an alarming rate. From wearing ill fitting garments, to hanging onto clothes that went out of style ten years ago, an otherwise handsome man can fall victim to fashion atrocities. Read on to learn more about common fashion faux pas.

Right Man, Wrong Size

Years pass and muscles can morph into fat, yet many men tend to stick with the same size they have always worn.  For instance, a high school football star I know wore a size large when he graduated in the 1980’s, but he refuses to admit he has now become a double XL sized man.  He constantly pulls at the front of his shirt to cover his exposed belly, yet he won’t purchase the larger size he needs.  If he did, he would look neat and much more in style.  The lesson here is to buy the size you are NOW, not sixty pounds ago.

Ugly Sweaters Instead of Stylish Ones

Ugly sweaters are all the rage; however, they are the rage for theme parties and not for the stylish man to wear on a night out.  Basically, if a man still hangs onto clothes he wore when he was 25, and he is now 53, then there is certainly a fashion faux pas taking place.  If a man has room to store clothes he can’t part with, then it seems as if it’s ok to keep what’s gone out of style, but it’s best to only wear clothes that are less than five years old.

Cheap vs. Classy

With these hard economic times, it might be tempting for a man to purchase five or six cheap shirts from a family dollar store as his new summer wardrobe.  Unfortunately, these clothes have a tendency to lose their shape and color quickly.  It is much better to invest in two or three quality shirts than to have a closet full of cheap shirts.  Nothing looks worse than a cheap shirt on a first date! (Well, the men of Wal Mart do, but that’s beside the point).

As you can see, there are several fashion faux pas that men make.  Avoid wearing cheap shirts, wearing clothing that does not fit, and wearing clothing that has been in your closet for many years.  If you do, then you will be a fashion forward man!


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