Fashion Resolutions 2013

by Editorial Team | February 21st, 2013 | Special Interest Section

rsz_1untitledYet another year has flown by before our eyes and we are left to think – where did time go? 2012 was a big year for the fashion world and it looks like 2013 will be even bigger! But let’s face it, there is always room for improvement when it comes to our sense of style no matter how fashion forward we are. It’s time to make some fashion resolutions for 2013 and we have made a list for you to help you on your way.

Resolution #1 | Be Bold. Be Beautiful!
2013 will not be a pleasant year for fashion minimalist. With SS13 just around the corner, we can expect bright neon colours, monochrome magic and prints, prints and more prints! This ultimately is the number one fashion resolution to stick to. Make statement this year.

Resolution #2 | Designer vs. High-Street
There’s no doubt that saving more pennies is another popular resolution we all vow for when it comes to a brand new year. But this doesn’t have to mean surrendering to a fashion freeze all together, it just means we need to save more whilst remaining style savvy. A good way of doing this is to take inspirations from designer runways and find similar looks and trends on the dependable high-street retailers.

Resolution #3 | Colour-Block More

Just because the weather outside may seem gloomy, it doesn’t mean our closets have to feel the same. This SS13 colour-blocking is bound to be back and bigger than ever. How to wear this trend? Wear one citrus colour with another citrus colour. Easy!

PK-Generic iconResolution #4 | Beat The Boys

For a casual and trendy option this year, opt for the Tomboy look. This craze took the fashion world by storm during SS12 and with BFA’s 2012 Model Of The Year Cara Delavigne staying true to her tomboy roots, it’s no wonder this trend will remain on our fashion radar for yet another year. It oozes an effortlessly laid-back and rebellious chic look. What’s not to love?

Resolution #5 | Embellished Trimmings

Too often when we are deciding on a get-up, we forget to consider accessories. This year it’s time to think about the finer details. Think statement belts, drop earrings, adorned cuffs, hair embellishments and gem necklaces. Oh the possibilities!

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