Fashion Trends For All Ages

by Anna P. | September 12th, 2013 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

leather jacketTrends may come and go over time, but true style is here to stay with us forever. With that being said, sometimes it’s just fun to wear certain fashion trends that won’t last. Although there are some style trends that can be a bit questionable, it still feels great to discover a new trend that looks great on you. We’ve got three amazing trends and tips on how to wear them.

1- Peplum

The peplum look is a seriously tricky trend to pull off. This undeniably feminine look accentuates your curves with a ruffle attached to the bodice or waistline. It’s one of the few trends that is popular with women of all ages, and for good reason. What other trend looks fresh and fun at the same time? Although teens and young women can wear virtually any style they want, older women will have to be a little more selective about the peplum styles they wear. For women thirty and up, a classic black sheath dress with a peplum skirt is a beautiful choice. Another good option is a classic fitted peplum blazer or jacket. The key here is to find simple pieces that reflect the trend, without being too on trend.

2- Leather Bomber Jackets

Stay warm this season with fall’s hottest style – the leather bomber jacket. This look is a bit punk, and very edgy, in a tasteful way. Young women will enjoy wearing this essential with funky tee shirts, and skinny jeans. Older women can wear this jacket over their favorite dresses. No matter how you plan on wearing this jacket, a few style rules apply. Limit your jewelry to two pieces, and try to avoid anything punk or rocket-esque, unless that’s the look you’re going for. Leather jackets can also be worn in a variety of ways.

3- High-Low Dresses

Like peplum styles, the high-low trend is also rather complicated. This particular style is characterized by a shorter front, with a longer back. Women of all ages can rock a high-low style dress as long as the front skirt hits right above the knee or below. This look can be toned down with a cute cardigan, or tailored denim jacket. The same styles rules shared above to the other styles can be applied to high-low skirts.

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