Fashion Trends for Women 50+

by R. Carnavale | December 18th, 2013 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

womens shopping (1280x1280)If you’re over 50, you face unique challenges when it comes to fashion. While 50 may be the new 40, you may still feel a need to “dress your age” no matter how good your figure is. And if you’re like most women 50+, you probably fear wearing figure hugging dresses and skirts, skinny jeans, sleeveless or low-cut tops or loud animal print outfits. But don’t despair — if you take your cues from British media star Carol Vorderman and Mick Jagger’s fashion designer girlfriend L’Wren Scott, you can look fantastic and make younger women green with envy.

Nearing 50 herself, L’Wren Scott is Mick Jagger’s 6ft 3 in glamazon designer girlfriend and she’s created an incredible collection of ultra-trendy clothes for women ages 50+ for Banana Republic. While the designer’s clothing usually costs up to $3,250 per item, her apparel at Banana Republic is far less expensive, with items starting at just $40.

If you’re interested in adding some sparkle to your evening wear, try L’Wren’s blue-sequined, sleeveless cocktail dress that’s just $179 or her red, belted shift-dress for $139. The designer’s also created a cute green and black brocade jacket and skirt ensemble with a green silk blouse that costs $415. L’Wren also pairs a black velvet blazer with a print blouse that features red lips and leg-lengthening rose-print trousers for just $390.

L’Wren’s collection also features a sleeveless silver sequined dress with a pretty flounce for $212 and a magenta faux fur bolero-capped blouse and skirt combo for $357.50. The Forbes-style skirt has a red lips design on it and the blouse features a detachable pussy-bow.

The nice thing about L’Wren’s Banana Republic styles is that her clothing is proportioned and tailored for the woman who’s 50+ — you won’t look like you’re imitating someone half your age.

Speaking of sexy, daring British women, Carol Vorderman, the 53-year-old British media star, says “Fashion is about feeling good and having fun; should there really be an age limit to that?” Vorderman offers the following tips for any woman aged 50+ who still dares to look fashionable:

  • Rip the fashion rule book to shreds
  • Show off your arms with a top that matches your skin tone and be confident about wearing it
  • If you’ve got the curves, wear that knee-length figure hugging dress
  • Wear wedges instead of stiletto heels to look stylish and feel comfortable
  • You can still wear leather trousers — just make sure they’re long and paired with wedges and a smart blazer
  • Save the animal print for your accessories
  • Wear trendy, catwalk clothes that fit your mature body shape

(Photo courtesy of Robert Linder)

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