First Date Outfit Ideas

by Sam P. | December 2nd, 2014 | Date Night Outfits, Teen Fashion

teen girl (399x400)First dates are probably one of the most awkward things out there, so why make yourself more uncomfortable with your outfit?  There are four rules to date outfits.  One, be as comfortable as possible.  This doesn’t mean wear sweats, but don’t force yourself into a too tight dress to impress a guy.  Two, don’t dress just to impress the guy.  Wear something you would wear to school or to the mall with your girlfriends to give off a causal and carefree vibe. Three, stay simple.  I promise you, you will look far better in jeans and a tank top than in a fancy outfit.  Plus the guy you are on your date with will feel more comfortable with you in something casual than if you get all dressed up.  Unless you are specifically told to dress up, keep it on the casual side.  Finally the cardinal rule of first date outfits.  Less is more.  If there is anything I can guarantee or promise it is that less is always more.  You will earn yourself no respect from a guy if you go out on a first date in a too short skirt and a barely there top.

My idea of the perfect first date outfit is a simple and comfy outfit.  Your favorite pair of skinny jeans, dark or light, was will depend on the top you wear and your personal preferences.  If it is very hot out you can wear a pair of shorts, but try to keep them from being too short.  Pair it with a casual top, maybe a ruffled tank or your favorite sweater.  If it is cold out, layer on a jacket, as well.  Floral patterns are great because they make it seem a bit fancier while still just being a t-shirt or tank top.  This will also cause you to need less jewelry which makes your outfit more casual as well.  Choose two types of jewelry.  My choice would be a long pendant necklace with the three rings I wear every day.

For shoes it all has to do with the weather and what you feel best in.  I would probably wear my combat boots solely because those are the shoes I wear almost every day.  Try your best to shy away from heels, unless they are a pair of boots with a slight heel.  The weather will also play a role in this, you may want to wear ballet flats, but if there is a foot of snow outside I would opt for a pair of boots.

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