Fitness Footwear Choices for Summer

by Anna P. | June 13th, 2013 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

running shoesSummer is the season that most people start breaking out the fitness gear and get moving. If you’re inspired by the warm weather and want to get active, it’s time to find the appropriate footwear for your activity. Whether you want to try running, tennis, biking, or zumba, there is a footwear choice for you. Read on to find out which shoes are best for your chosen activity and why. It’s important to wear the right shoes to ensure comfort and flexibility.

1- Walking and Running

Not all shoes were made for walking. Ideally, you’ll find a smart pair of shoes that were constructed with synthetics and rubber. You will also need shoes with a durable mid-sole to ensure both comfort and flexibility. When purchasing the shoes, try them on first. You want to make sure they fit well and are comfortable. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes for running, you will want to choose a pair of shoes that conform to the shape of your foot and offer cushioning.

2- Fitness

For light or moderate fitness activity, you will need a shoe that is strong enough to keep up with you. When shopping for the perfect fitness shoe, you need to look for a style that features mesh for breathability and a solid rubber outsole. You also want a pair of shoes that last long no matter what your activity is. A good pair of shoes will work well for a variety of fitness activities including aerobics, spinning, dancing, and light walking.

3- Tennis Shoes

If tennis is your thing, you will need a good quality pair of tennis shoes that last during your courtside adventures. Unlike other types of athletic shoes, tennis shoes are usually simpler in design. A good
pair of shoes are usually made of breathable fabrics and a flexible sole. You will also want a pair of shoes that are lightweight enough to wear comfortably. You want a pair that you can wear that’s flexible enough to cushion your feet from the hard tennis court.

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