Five Great Boots for Under 50 Dollars

by Jessica B. | December 3rd, 2014 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

boots (400x400)Winter has rolled into town where I live, and that means I need a good pair of boots that look stylish at work and keep my legs warm. Add to that a low price range and you may think options are limited, but they are not. Here are some of my favorite boots this season that won’t set you back more than 50 dollars.

Easy Strider Black Riding Boots –  These adorable riding boots are comfortable and vegetarian. They are a bit tall, but still easy to walk in and have a relatively wide circumference so can fit a slightly wider than average leg as they do stretch. The boots are stylish and relatively comfortable, and because the materials are man-made, they don’t breathe too much and will help retain heat.

Jellypop Sedona Booty – I love these adorable little booties. They are cute and comfortable. They are rather low cut, so they may not be a great option if you live in an area with a lot of snow fall, but they can go well with both work and casual wear. Also, because these boots are a bit shorter, you can easily pair them with most pants. They are also man-made, which is helpful, as suede will not hold up well in snow and damp.

Over the Knee Chunky Boots – Over the knee boots can be a fashion nightmare, because they can be so hard to walk in, but these boots cover the front of the knee so are still functional. Also the heel is low, so you end up with a comfortable pair of shoes. Despite being quite high, you could pull off wearing these to work without looking like you took a wrong turn, partly because their chestnut color is better paired with a suit. And, as they cover your entire leg, you don’t have to worry about being cold.

Nomad Woman’s Puddles Rain Boot
If your problem is water, not cold, you should invest some money in an adorable pair of rain boots that will both keep your feet dry as you run through puddles and look adorable with a dress or skirt. I love these Nomad Women’s puddles rain boots. My favorite is the Chevron pattern, but there are a lot of options here. And the best part is that these boots are both comfortable and manage to keep your feet dry. Make sure to wear a nice thick pair of socks with them if temperatures drop, as they don’t offer much warmth.

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