Following Bargains = Saving Money?

by LJ Dovichi | April 5th, 2008 | Shopping Secrets

Does following the deals by doing your shopping at several different stores really save you any money? I wasn’t sure with gas being (gasp) $4.00 a gallon if it really would save money. So to see if I was saving my family any money by bargain shopping, I did a little experiment. Last week, I bought all my groceries from one store and today, I followed the bargains and went to several different stores. In order to keep the experiment scientific and the findings as accurate as possible, I made only one shopping list and bought the exact same list both times.

Last week I went to a major grocery chain and bought everything off my list at the best deals I could find. I spent $135.84. I drove 12 miles which is a half of gallon of gas for my car, so you figure about $2.00 in gas consumption. So I spent a total of 137.84

Today, I started at the Dollar Store, which is a great place to pick up kid snacks and treats, juice, canned goods, and condiments. I went through my list and bought everything I could at a dollar per item and spent $16.28. Next I went to Target which has great deals on boxed meals, like Hamburger Helper and Pasta Roni, and name brand cereals. I checked the things off my list I found there and spent $22.54. I hit Costco up next. They have the best deals on meat, fresh produce, and paper products. I bought the remainder of my list — almost. I spent $68.45. I did end up at the major grocery store chain for bread flour, and I spent $5.36.

I spent a total of $112.63 and went 17 miles (the stores are in a straight line off the freeway) so about $3.00 in gas making it a total of $115.63. So, is it worth $20.00 to go to four different stores? It is for my family.

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