For that Special Event

by Editorial Team | July 15th, 2013 | Special Interest Section, Women's Fashion

evening_dressAs a woman, most evenings out require little more than a nice dress, a pair of heels, and some accessories.  However, every once in a while there is an occasion that calls for more formal or fun attire.  Your regular date dresses won’t work.  When you need a cocktail dress or evening gown, it’s likely that you don’t have one just sitting in the back of your closet.

There are several options for shopping for a dress such as this.  The first option is the least expensive, but it also is the least likely, as there are two required conditions.  First, you need to have a friend that is the same size as you.  Second she needs to own a dress that you can borrow.  However, if both of those are true, you may be able to spend no money and borrow a dress for the evening.

The second option is to shop at a finer department store or bridal shop that carries evening wear.  Depending on the dress you choose, you will be able to buy off the rack or will need to have the dress altered.  If you bring a friend along, this can be a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening.  Your friend will be helpful in advising you on what looks best on you.

The third option is to shop online.  This can be lots of fun, as you can sit in the comfort of your own living room and browse through hundreds of dresses with a friend (and maybe even a glass of wine)!  Most online stores have sizing guides, which will help make dress ordering easier.  One such store is JJs House, where you can find the right dress for many different special occasions.

Whatever option you choose, remember that special occasions are called this because they are special.  Make sure you find the dress that makes you feel special, too.

(Brought to you by our friends at JJs House.)

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