Forever 21…for Men?

by Mackenzie M. | November 29th, 2012 | Men's Shopping

As I was walking down the Magnificent Mile in Chicago earlier this week, my shopping partners decided to stop into the massive Forever 21 flagship store. Forever 21 is known by young women around the nation for being a great place to find stylish and cheap clothing. Even larger chains like H&M cannot rival the deals found at Forever 21. While on the second floor, I noticed an entire section dedicated to men’s clothing. To my surprise Forever 21 has introduced a men’s line entitled – 21 Men. A brief look through the shelves made it clear that the discounted fashion of Forever 21 has successfully entered the market of young men’s discount fashion.

From sweaters, to jackets, to pants, 21 Men carries any piece of clothing that a young man could ever need. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a new outfit for the winter from J. Crew or other high-end brands, 21 Men is a much smarter way to shop. For example, a Henley sweater from the average men’s store can cost anywhere from $40-60; however, 21 Men has a Henley on their website for under $20 with a variety of color patterns to choose from. Furthermore, tonal chino pants can typically cost upwards of $50. At 21 Men, these tonal pants cost a mere $15. These deals are far too good to pass up.

As winter us upon us, many young men are looking for cheap and stylish sweaters. Look no further than 21 Men for a massive variety of sweaters all priced under $25. While knit sweaters can cost nearly double that at regular stores in any mall, 21 Men somehow manages to offer the latest in sweater fashions for bargain prices. Pair this with an online sale section and sweaters can be found for even cheaper. My favorite is the Striped Elbow Patch Sweater in black and white. This sweater can be paired with basically any pants, and it can be found for under $20. There is no better deal than this in the fast-fashion world.

As far as shoes go, 21 Men also carries a large variety at reasonable prices. For example, faux Suede Chukkas, which are typically about $100, can be found for around $33 on 21 Men online shop. Several other types of tennis shoes and boots are found for under $35. The question does arise as to how 21 Men can sell such fashionable clothes for so cheap. The answer is that the quality is slightly less than those from higher-end stores. While the $33 boots may not be a pair that lasts for more than one season, for the college man on a budget, the shoes and boots found at 21 Men are more than worth their price.

21 Men is a little harder to find than the traditional Forever 21 store. While the brand has major retail outlets for 21 Men in major cities like Chicago and New York, the best bet for those away from the actual store is to browse the massive online shopping catalogue. For the latest in men’s fashions with a ridiculously low price tag, be sure to check out 21 Men.

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