Four Fun Trends

by Lori Sciame | September 26th, 2013 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

clothingThis fall, no one can call women’s clothing trends stuffy.  Instead, the following four trends can be described as fabulously fun.  Moto vests, zany leggings, off kilter sweaters, and cheeky lace trimmed shirts will add a sense of humor to any wardrobe.  Even if a woman usually plays it safe when it comes to fashion, she should “remember that always dressing in understated good taste is the same as playing dead” (Susan Catherine). To add a bit of much needed zest to your wardrobe, try one of the following trends this season.

Tough Gal or Sweetheart?

Today’s moto (motorcycle) vests poke fun at the image of the tough biker.  Made of many types of material besides just leather, moto vests for fall 13 go far beyond the bad boy (or girl) image.  Pacsun has jumped on the moto trend with an acid washed denim vest.  Available now for only $20.99, this daring studded version of the moto would be perfect for a night out with friends. Other designers offer moto vests in bold prints and colors.  Take quick trip to the mall, and you will find dozens of sweet versions.

Notice Me Legs

Leggings have moved beyond basic navy and black, and into the world of wild colors and patterns. Examples of prints available now include: cheetah, aztec, flowers, and geometric designs.  New colors include bold pinks, rich purples, and even bright oranges. Pair the visually dizzying leggings with solid color tops. That way you’ll avoid looking clownish because of too many patterns colliding. On the other hand, the bright leggings can be worn with patterned tops and sweaters.  The goal, remember, is to look fun and exciting, not crazy!

Anything But Predictable Sweaters

Long a staple of colder months, sweaters provide both style and warmth.  This season, designers have taken it a step further by offering a wide variety of hi-lo sweaters.  Long in the back, but high in the front, this up to the minute version teases the eye with its dual personality.  A great example of a hi-low sweater comes from American Eagle. Called the Hi-low shine knit sweater,  this creme colored version sells for $50.00, but the price is worth it. You can wear it with both dressy or casual bottoms for the perfect look.

Impish Lace

Lace continues to be a hot trend this fall.  Look for it to pop up in the most unexpected places.  It adorns pockets and collars of dressy shirts, and even the bottom of crew neck sweaters. One example from retailer giant, Maurices, is a solid front sweater, with half the back made of see through lace.  It’s bold enough to make a statement, but it’s still mainstream enough to be worn to work.  Also, check out this lacy dolman sleeve sweater from the same company.  It can be called feminine, but it can also be called fashion-forward. Lace, which is always inviting, adds a dash of whimsy to a woman’s cold weather wardrobe, so be sure to snap up several pieces embellished with it.

(Photo courtesy of Robert Linder)



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