Free Items at Your Local Store

by Erin Edwards | October 7th, 2010 | Shopping Secrets

Discover some helpful shopping secrets, courtesy of Erin Edwards, Financial Expert.

How to Score Free Items at your local store!

  1. Save all the Sunday coupon inserts and organize them into a binder. Write the date on the front of the insert so it is easier to refer to specific coupons. Go through the weekly store ads and match them to coupons in the inserts.
  2. When you are clipping coupons, pay close attention to any size restrictions. Many times they will not specify a size. These coupons can be used to get travel size and other items for FREE!
  3. Always check retailer websites for store coupons. You can combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons to get items very cheap or even full size items for FREE. Many times if you stack the coupons and use them during a sale, an item can actually make you money!

About the author: Erin Edwards is a financial expert and owner of Fun with Freebies.  She is an experienced bargain hunter who enjoys sharing her shopping expertise with others.  Erin’s freebie savviness is best exemplified by the FREE trip to Disney World she planned for her husband’s birthday!  Using her bargain skills, she was able to accumulate enough gift cards, hotel points, free tickets, etc. to get the entire trip for free.  In addition to this vacation, Erin averages savings of 230 dollars per month on groceries,  personal care, and other household items.

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