Free Mascara!

by Sam P. | December 29th, 2011 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

I know, I know. The thought is quite ludicrous, but it is true.  Clinique hands out free mascara every day. I use it at my dad’s house, and the stuff works like magic.  Sometimes I even think it works better than Maybelline and Cover Girl, and I know for a fact that it works better than M.A.C.

Now, let me rephrase this.  It isn’t completely free to get the mascara, but the mascara itself is free.  With Clinique, if you buy something from them and go over a certain amount of money, let’s say thirty dollars, you typically get a little “goody bag” with stuff in it.  Almost always there is mascara in there, and typically they also give out some kind of lip stick or lip gloss. My step-mom buys a lot of their “ageless” creams and stuff like that. Whenever she buys it, she tries to get it when they are having one of these sales.  In a cute bag, there is typically some kid of eye color (whether it is liner or shadow depends on what they are giving away), mascara, and a tester of one of their lotions.

I love their mascara, but you would have to be out of your right mind to actually buy one.  Just for one tube of mascara, they charge you almost twenty five dollars.  The little testers last you practically a month just on their own.  And as amazing as the mascara is, buying the tube isn’t worth it.

My favorite mascara I have ever gotten from them is their high lengths mascara.  It has a curved spoon brush and gives your lashes amazing length and definition.  You use it just like regular mascara, but you get wicked different results.

One of the other things that I mentioned earlier that they give out for free is their lip color.  Normally, with those, they give you a whole tube or stick of the color.  They typically give out pinks and reds.  My favorite lip color that I have ever gotten from them is their chubby stick.  I got it a few months ago, and I still have a ton left.  And, bonus – it’s moisturizing!  Just apply right onto your lip.  It comes in eight great shades.  The other thing I love about it is that it doubles as a lip liner that you never have to sharpen.  If you are running low, you just twist the bottom and more comes out.  On its own it is only fifteen dollars, not too insane, but still more than I would want to pay.

So remember, next time you need a lotion by Clinique, make sure you go when they are having one of their sales, which, by the way, are almost always going on.

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