by Sam P. | March 21st, 2012 | Money Saving Hints

In New Hampshire there is a guy named Robert Wilkins who created an app, Free Price Alerts,  that allows you to shop online and get the best prices and deals.  You can shop from your computer or from your Apple product.  It is very helpful and easy to use.  All you have to do is complete the free download, and you will be ready to get started.

Let’s say you want new makeup brushes.  All you have to do is click on shop at the top of the page and then type makeup brushes into the search query.  All different kinds of brands will pop up, from MAC, to SHANY, to NEEWER.  If you want the SHANY thirteen piece set, all you have to do is click on it and hit add to cart; however, if you aren’t sure that you want that, you can hit add to wish list instead.  (To buy things or send them to your wish list you have to register and be signed in, but don’t worry, it’s free!)  As long as you are signed in, you can access your wish list at any time.  Your wish list is pretty much there for items that you want, but know you don’t absolutely need.  So those SHANY makeup brushes I put into my wish list will be there for a time in the future when my brushes die and I do need them.  All I simply have to do is go into my wish list, click on the item and go through with the purchasing process.  If at any time you realize that you actually don’t need the item you are purchasing, you can cancel.

The other great thing about the wish list is you can set up alerts through your e-mail.  All you have to do is click on Set Email Price Alert.  What happens is every time the price changes you get an e-mail saying how much the price has differed.  You can also click on a tab when you are looking at the item that is called Price History.  This shows you how much the price has changed while the product has been on the website.  So if you thought the SHANY makeup brushes were too expensive to buy at the time, you could set up the e-mail alert preference and wait until the price goes down.

The even better thing about this website is that it doesn’t just do beauty supplies; it does everything, from makeup, to watches, to music, to shoes, to musical instruments, to clothes.  This website literally does everything.  And if you don’t want the app on your computer, like I said before, you can get it on your Apple product.  You can also get it on your phone now, too!  It will be coming out on the Android market soon.

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